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  version 0.4.1 build 1, the first public beta release addresses all of the bugs noted by our closed beta testers.

changelog for 0.4.1 to be posted shortly.

previous version 0.4.0 build 20 is now expired. special thanks to all of our private closed beta testers for all their hard work and feedback to make this a public release!
  version 0.4.0 build 20 fixes a few bugs reported by our closed beta testers.

see changelog for details.

version 0.4.1 build 1 - available since may 23, 2006 - current

version 0.4.0 build 20 - available since april 24, 2006 - may 23, 2006
  • added : fallback stream support in case primary stream goes down [STREAM ERROR -1]. (will try up to the tertiary stream)
  • added : better dual-monitor support (checks for off-screen state & corrects)
  • added : mouseover on XaMp system tray icon shows tune/artist currently playing
  • added : skin loader support for importing your own skins for use with XaMp.
    (* skin specs due to be released shortly after beta is made public.)
  • added : tooltip formating support within preferences->tweaks
  • added : user defined notification display time support in preferences->tweaks
  • added : EQF and XaMp Q1 file support (import/export) for equalizer
  • added : mute/play/stop functions added to the right-click pop-up menu
  • fixed : improved album art file detection algorithm (handles GIF/JPG problem previously reported)
  • fixed : better handling of HTML entities within song/artist/album string
  • fixed : channel list bug fixed (channel list resize changed selected button)
  • fixed : rewrote the panel-magnet (snap-lock) code for better panel snapping
  • fixed : fixed the 80Hz range in equalizer so that it properly turns off when EQ is disabled.
  • fixed : artist and/or song not appearing immediately in tune notify window after adding via right-click menu.

version 0.3.0 build 1 - available from march 31 - april 24, 2006
  • added : msn tune notification integration
  • added : preferences window displayed on first run
  • added : remember last window position and panel states for next startup
  • added : uses your default browser for 'view artist' and 'buy track'
  • added : option to disable tune notifications (pop-up windows)
  • added : 'add artist/add song' to tune-notify from right-click menu added
  • fixed : XaMp panels showing up off-screen due to lower resolution settings
  • fixed : user login & password information not being retained with 'save' option checked

version 0.2.0 build 7 - available from march 24 - march 31, 2006
  • initial release in closed beta

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