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apr. 22, 2006

please submit bug reports to the XaMp forum directly as we closely watch our forum more frequently and are able to monitor posts to build our help&support section.

how to reach us & links
choose from one of the forums below where you can post your questions or comments regarding XaMp.

"Why don't you guys have an e-mail address that we can contact you at?"

as many of your questions and concerns regarding XaMp may impact all of our users, we would like everyone to contact us via our forum. in the past, other users have helped answer many of your questions before we could get to them; helping you get your questions answered faster!

if you have an issue that you want to relay to mOmo or nao directly, please Private Message (PM) us through on our forum. thanks!


our forum dedicated to the XaMp project. here you can ask questions, submit bug reports, and read the latest news from mOmo and nao regarding XaMp. content here is focused more on our project so if its specific to XaMp write to us on our forum.

click on the screenshot to the left to jump to the XaMp forum.

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