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feb 2006 - present
  completely rewritten in delphi 7 by mOmo.

totally new graphical interface modelled after the look & feel of NullSoft's popular Winamp player.

check out the 'download' page to get the latest copy.

may 2005 - present
  written in vb6 by m0mo.

this would be the baseline project to get us going in the XMRO player arena.

supported command line interface for HTPCs, PopUp style Tune Notification, skinnable Mini-Mode among other features not avaiable on the XMRO web player.

a little history and our objective
ever since XM Radio Online (XMRO) became available, we wanted to see a user interface that was more accommodating to our needs. primary issues were ease of use, smaller form factor, tune notification among other tweaks like the tracker to show other users what songs we were listening to.

well, that all came to fruition back in may of 2005 when we got XaMp DESKTOP out to the XMRO public. we approached this initial program with a design based on simplicity and ease of use. then we heard the requests from our dedicated users calling for features like the tracker and mini-player.

but that wasn't enough for us. with the creation of the mini-player interface, came the opportunity for us to mold our visual interface into something more aesthetically (as well as functionally) pleasing. (at the time, mOmo was already thinking about moving toward a different development language to build the next version of our software and with this came a new breed of XMRO player.)

the result: STUDIO EDITION. with the look and feel of one of the most popular media players out there (Winamp), not only did we acheive our interface goals, but also the ability to create a standardized skin model, add an equalizer to fine tune your XMRO stream as well as Album Art and dockable panes which could be magnetically locked together, separated or closed to one's liking.

we will continue to make improvements to our software, however it is only with people like you, our supporters, that we can do this. we like to think that our goal is to provide the XMRO community with a player that meets your needs; ultimately enhancing the XMRO listening experience.

thanks for the support and stay tuned for more exciting features!

mOmo & nao

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